Exen: The Polish volunteer who keeps on giving

Mateusz “Exen” Wodziński has donated hundreds of vehicles to the Ukrainian military and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

We reached out to Exen in June 2023 on Twitter, a month later he delivered a Mitsubishi Pajero to us. The car exceeded all expectations, already painted the correct colour, we just had to install some kevlar lining for extra protection.

Fast forward to 29 September 2023, and our Pajero was hit by a Russian mortar, taking out the rear right tyre. Exen saw our tweet about the attack and reached out to us: he was coming to Ukraine in a week with another fleet of vehicles to donate and would bring us some tyres. We thought he would just replace the damaged tyre but no — he brought us four brand new tyres!

We would like to once again thank Exen for the vehicle he donated to us, as well as thank him for everything he does for Ukraine. You can follow him on Twitter and donate to his ongoing campaign to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.