Project Konstantin is a charitable organisation dedicated to supporting the Ukrainian military. We provide casualty evacuations for soldiers, deliver vehicles and other necessary supplies to the military, and provide medical training. Our casevac team operates in the east of Ukraine, and we often send supplies to units in other areas.

Soldiers Evacuated

We’re a registered charity in Ukraine.

Registration number: 45270417

Our mission

We’re here so the brave men and women on the front know there’s a capable medical team just a few hundred metres away that’s embedded with them. A team who’ll stay put no matter how bad things get.

Emergency Evacuations

We provide rapid response and evacuation services, ensuring that injured soldiers receive critical medical care as quickly as possible.


We maintain a fleet of well-equipped vehicles and a stabilisation point, ensuring that soldiers receive the best care during their evacuation and hospital transfer.


Being embedded with a Ukrainian brigade gives us a unique insight into their needs. From medication and tactical medical supplies to non-lethal military aid, we help where we can.

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