Our General Donation Fund is the lifeline that keeps our mission running smoothly, ensuring our grounds team and the guys around us have the essential tools and equipment they need to succeed.

Your donations take care of:

Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs: Keeping our transportation in top condition ensures our team can swiftly respond to challenges and fulfil their mission effectively.

Critical Medical Supplies: On top of our own medical supplies that we need to keep our operation running, we also provide life-saving medical supplies, including tourniquets and IFAKs. Your support can be the difference between life and death in the line of duty.

Non-Lethal Equipment: From eco-flows to chainsaws, sleeping bags, and more, your contribution ensures that heroes have the essential tools needed to navigate unpredictable environments safely and efficiently.

Peace of Mind: Your support alleviates stress and worry, allowing our team and the soldiers around us to focus on their mission, knowing they have the resources necessary to tackle any obstacle.