About Us

Project Konstantin, founded in 2022 and registered in 2023, is a dedicated team of independent volunteers in Ukraine. We provide essential supplies such as vehicles, drones, uniforms, food, and more to soldiers on the front lines. Additionally, we have successfully evacuated civilians and soldiers from Bakhmut and surrounds, delivered humanitarian aid to various locations near the conflict zones, including Krasnyaya Hora, Chasov Yar, Reznikovka, and Svyato-Pokrovsk. Our mission is to support those in need and contribute to the delivery of vital aid in affected areas.

Our team


Peter “Hasta La Vista” Fouche

General Director and Founder

Peter, a South African-born British citizen, has been actively involved in Ukraine since March 2022. Initially, he contributed to building a field hospital near Kyiv and served in both the Territorial Defense Forces and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Motivated by the harrowing footage of parents losing children in russian attacks, Peter, a father himself, was compelled to aid Ukraine, aiming to prevent such losses for other parents.
Following the passing of Tetyana Millard, his partner in founding Project Konstantin, Peter enlisted as a contracted soldier with the AFU. Project Konstantin, in coordination with his battalion, continues its vital work. Peter oversees the project’s military relations and manages all frontline operations, including the coordination of volunteers on the ground.

Halyna Zhuk

Commercial Director and Founder

Halyna joined Project Konstantin in March 2023 as a volunteer online administrator. For Halyna, and for the majority of Ukrainians, additional motives are not necessary. “To live in my country, to stand in defence of its interests and to be an active part in the struggle for peace and justice – all this I do by helping the ZSU through Project Konstantin.” Halyna takes care of all administrative tasks and paperwork like imports and vehicle handovers.

Jana Fourie

Communications Director

Born and raised in South Africa, Jana joined the online team at Project Konstantin in May 2023. From her home in South Africa she takes care of public relations, online communication, and fundraising. The words of the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu inspires her, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”


Ground team

Our volunteers on the ground are some of the bravest men and women in the world. Civilians from different countries heeding Ukraine’s call for help. Our ground team works with Peter and conduct casevacs as well as other vital tasks to keep our operation running smoothly.

International team

Our international team are volunteers
and other organisations from all over the world who are always ready to help. With their connections, they’re always able to help with procurement and fundraising initiatives, taking off a lot of the pressure from our ground team. Their support is also crucial on an emotional level, letting our ground team know that they’re not alone.

In memoriam

We’ve lost many friends since our inception, so many that it would take pages and pages to commemorate all of them properly. But we wanted to dedicate a section to the members Project Konstantin has lost in this war.

Tetyana “Rys” Millard

Director and Founder

Born and raised near Bakhmut, Ukraine, Tetyana was a British citizen. When she found out her hometown had stopped receiving aid, she asked around to find someone who would help her to feed her village — and that’s how she met Peter. Together they started Project Konstantin.

Our Tanya was fearless and kind, fierce yet angelic. She was loved by all in the forest — or the “magical forest” as she called it. Our warrior princess passed away in a car accident on her way to the front, one hour away from her destination, after having travelled all the way from England with a donated vehicle. We now refer to her as the Angel of Bakhmut and have named a car after her.

Tanya was our anchor and compass, and in difficult times we often ask ourselves what her advice would be. Her memory reminds us to love fiercely, live life to the fullest, and to stand up for what is right.

Konstantin “Kostya”

Close friend and Teammate

Kostya and Peter were together in Archangel Michael, a battalion of the Territorial Defence Forces. Their seven-man reconnaissance unit was stationed near Kyiv, but drove across the country where needed. Kostya was energetic, a jokester, with a soul that reminded one of the cossacks of old: fearless in the face of battle and fiercely loyal to their country and loved ones. Kostya left our group when the russians captured Kherson — he wanted to free his mother and sister from occupation. A mortar killed him as he was clearing trenches alongside other brave fighters. Kostya fought very hard and until the very end, and was committed to seeing his country free from russian occupation. His memory reminds us all of the price one must sometimes pay for freedom — a price he ended up paying — and his bravery is an inspiration to us all. To honour him and to remind ourselves of these defining characteristics, we named our organisation after him.