Project Konstantin Joins the Ranks of Verified Aid

Recently, Project Konstantin secured a place on Euromaidan Press‘s prestigious Verified ways to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian Army list. This recognition validates our team’s efforts and underscores our role in providing aid helping Ukraine.

Who’s on the list

Euromaidan Press stands behind initiatives that show honesty and integrity in their work. The publication has curated a list of trusted ways to help the Ukrainian Army and internally displaced persons.

Why this is significant

The list only includes initiatives with transparent financial records and organisations run by individuals known by Euromaidan Press members. It’s a testament to their commitment to ensuring that support reaches those who need it most. (View our thank you and handover videos here.)

Our story

Established in 2022, we’re known for our commitment to supporting frontline soldiers. We focus on casualty evacuations, ensuring that those wounded in the line of duty receive prompt medical attention. This crucial service has saved countless lives.

However, our contributions extend far beyond emergency medical support. From ambulances to Starlinks, generators to medical supplies, we equip those on the front with the tools they need to carry out their duties. Euromaindan Press’s recognition emphasises the importance of such aid in bolstering Ukraine’s defence.

Donor peace of mind

Euromaidan Press’s decision to include us on their verified list speaks to our credibility and impact. This endorsement offers reassurance to those looking to make a difference. By supporting Project Konstantin, donors can rest assured that donations will directly benefit those in need, making a tangible impact on the ground.