We provide a service for donating 4×4 vehicles to Ukraine’s frontline, handling paperwork, the border procedure, customs, and delivery to ensure they reach where they are needed. We vet recipients, giving donors confidence their contribution is effectively used. Our work includes collaborating with private donors and organisations such as the NAFO 69th Sniffing Brigade, supported by Mercado Media, to deliver essential ambulances that save lives on the front.

Here are some of the vehicles that have been donated:

Land Rover Discovery

Crowdfunded by Morris county, New Jersey, USA. Fundraising led by Brian, a US Navy veteran.

Nissan Pathfinder

Crowdfunded by Stamford, Lincolnshire county, England, United Kingdom. Fundraising led by Fiona and Jack.

Isuzu L.S.

Donated by Andrew “Merc” Mercado in collaboration with NAFO 69th Sniffing Brigade.